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Weekly Medicine Packs

Are you taking more than one type of medication? If so, then Medico Pak can make it easy. Each dose is blister packed and marked with the time and day it needs to be taken. You can trust your Medico Pak because they are packed by your pharmacist.

  • See at a glance if your medication has been taken
  • Simple to use for ALL ages
  • Check on when medication is due
  • Clear instructions which avoids confusion
  • No bulky bottles to cart around and store
  • Discreet and portable
  • Reduces the chance of error, overdose or missed dose

Medico Paks are ideal for

  • People on multiple medications
  • People on holiday or with busy lifestyles
  • Nurses and carers who need a system they can trust
  • Complicated or reducing regimens
  • People on medications for mental health conditions
  • People with long-term chronic health conditions

If you think that a Medico Pak would be useful for you, then contact Terry at the Central Highlands Pharmacy to discuss how easy it is to setup for you.